• Eternal Love6:16
  • Tunnels of Set5:08
  • Soul Flight7:15
  • Sun God6:44
  • In Nomine6:47
  • Demon Seed8:03
  • Dance of the Dead5:47
  • Ascension9:39

 Released  January 31, 2017. The bands first full length album delves into the world of the "left hand path" occultist and his quest for self deification.  It can be purchased here.


                       September 20th, 2019

on Black Doomba Records.

Available on Deluxe vinyl edition,

​Cd and digital download. 

​Available here



Released March 25, 2014. The bands self titled EP and first release features songs about Gnostic Luciferianism. You can get a free download of the EP here.

​Cult of Sorrow